Endangered Landmarks

The United States Coast Guard Station Administration Building, St. George

The United States Coast Guard Station Administration Building, 1868, a New York City Designated Landmark. Owned by New York City, the Economic Development Corporation has awarded the building and the surrounding historic site for development by Triangle Equities.

Many years of neglect of the historic landmark and surrounding structures continues today. 


The building has been wrapped to stem water damage.


Manee-Seguine Homestead

Abraham Manee House, a.k.a. Manee-Seguine Homestead, 509 Seguine Avenue, Prince's Bay (Block 6666 Lot 1).


It was begun in the late 17th century with additions in the 18th and 19th centuries and is a Designated New York City Landmark.


The property was purchased by Leonard Tallo of Seguine Bay Estates in 2009 (Docs. 314000 and 318563).


Landmarks Preservation Commission sued Tallo for Demoliton by Neglect.  Case is ongoing.

The Seaman's Retreat Hospital

The Seaman's Retreat Hospital (Block 534 Lot 1) was built in 1834 with later additions.


It was purchased by Bayley Seton Hospital in 1981 (Reel 2 Page 4692).

Physician-in-Chief's Residence, Bayley Seton Hospital

Physician-in-Chief's Residence, Seaman's Retreat, Bayley Seton Hospital site (Block 534 Lot 25).


This granite structure in the Greek Revival style was built in 1842 to harmonize with the adjoining hospital building.

It was purchased by the Salvation Army in 2009 (Document id 301506).

John King Vanderbilt House

John King Vanderbilt House, 1197 Clove Road, Sunnyside (Block 246 Lot 56).


This three-bay Greek Revival house was built around 1836. It is a Designated New York City Landmark.


It was purchased by 1197 Clove LLC in 2009 (Doc. id. 0283039).

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