2017 Awardees
2016 Awardees
Honoring properties, organizations and individuals since 1982

  • Bronze Plaque Award: recognizes extensive restoration of the historic design of a structure and/or contextual additions that conform to the architectural style.

  • Historic Treasure Award: honors long-term stewardship of an historic or architecturally significant building. It’s also given in recognition of a building that maintains its historic/cultural significance to the community, despite changes made over a period of time.

  • Appreciation and Stewardship: given to property owners who are in the process of renovating and restoring significant historic and/or architectural buildings.

  • Business Beautiful Award: recognizes the exterior facade of a commercial building that contributes to the commercial district’s historic flavor and enhances the pedestrian shopping experience.

  • Block Beautiful Award:  given in recognition of a block or group of buildings that contribute to the historic, architectural and curb appeal of a neighborhood.

  • Marty Pearsall Award: named for the late PLSI member and Realtor, is given for exceptional dedication to preserving Staten Island’s history as a homeowner, community leader, or organization.

  • Joann Nelsen Award:  named for the late PLSI Board member who bequeathed her 1730’s Scott-Edwards House at 752 Delafield Avenue to PLSI.  This award emphasizes interior design. Joann’s legacy allows PLSI to be a force for Preservation.

  • Stewardship of Sacred Sites: Ongoing care of historic religious structures.

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