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Concerning the Seaman's Retreat Hospital


Staten Island Advance: "At Bayley Seton A Landmark Plundered."  

June 30, 2013


Dear Editor...

The Seaman's Retreat Main Building is one of the great treasures of the Greek Revival style on Staten Island. The Greek Revival style embodies the pride of our nation in our democratic and republican forms of government. The Main Building as a hospital testifies to the adaptability of the Greek Revival style, which was sustained over many years as the building was enlarged.

This sturdy, outstanding building has much more life in it. Its history as a caring institution, and the innovative medical research that occurred there are worth our best efforts to preserve it and adapt it to a contemporary use. The vandalism that has just occurred there is an outrageous crime. Let's not make the same mistake, demolition by neglect, that was made with the old Staten Island Hospital in Tompkinsville and the medical pavilions at Seaview Hospital.

Barnett Shepherd

Concerning 848 Castleton Avenue

Staten Island Advance: March 7, 2013
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Historic West Brighton Building Is Threatened


March 7, 2013


Dear Editor...

The cultural landscape of our beloved and battered Staten Island has seen remarkable improvement in the years since the fall of 1972, when I came to live here.

Despite Hurricane Sandy's fury, our built environment and our natural environment stands in testimony of our resilience. Witness the Greenbelt, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Historic Richmond Town, Alice Austen House, restored Roosevelt Boardwalk, Fort Wadsworth Overlook, new ferry terminals, 9/11 Monument and St. George Theater.

We now have over 100 Designated New York City Landmarks and three Historic Districts. Many Staten Island sites are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The preservation of the historic environment is vital to the success of our community. In these past 42 years, I have also seen the destruction and defacement of many historic buildings.
The storefront, residence and barn standing at 848 Castleton Avenue, West Brighton, since 1900 are in danger of demolition.

The Preservation League of Staten Island will hold a vigil on the sidewalk in front of the building every Saturday from 1-2 p.m., beginning on March 2, Everyone interested in preserving our historic environment is invited to join us.

Barnett Shepherd